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about the good network

One thing I love about HTML is how easy it is to just throw something together as a joke, and that's what all this stuff is. The good network is a collection of joke websites that me and my friends made in school.

I had a lot of fun with these, and all of them revolve around inside jokes that we had going at the time.

the inside jokes explained (you'll need this)

The freetop is a very crappy laptop that I bring to school and everyone's like "bro look at this dudes laptop from like 1987".

hello gamers was the site that I made in infotech class in grade 9. everyone made websites with these html tutorials the teacher made, but mine was obiously the best. When the teacher told us to write "hello world", I instead wrote "hello gamers".

The smartulator is a regular calculator, but I said it was "smart" because you could type letters, make "animations" by writing stuff and scrolling, and other cool stuff.

anticapslock, was an idea that came from in business class, when me and my partner had to come up with an idea for a "useful service" and after joking about how caps lock is useless, we decided to offer our caps lock removal service, leading to the creation of this poster ad. A few months later, the anticapslock.com website was born. (not a real domain)

good net sites

12.28.21 - freetop
freetop best laptop best laptop

01.08.20 - hellogamers
hello gamers were back with good links and more html tutorials

11.01.19 - anticapslock.com
we hate caps lock

10.15.19 - smartulator home page
scasio home of the smartulator best computer

good net pages

11.18.19 - funny facebook minion meme generator
10.07.19 - the worlds worst powerpoint presentation ever!!!
09.20.18 - dictionary

more from the friend group

the daily tattletale
my right is your left
stories from schools past

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